Bramble wax melts haul march 2019.

Hey there! so i havent done a wax melt haul in a while, because i bought if i remember rightly over 22 wax melts on black friday? so you know, i was good for a while! but i opened up an open box the very end of january with bramble wax and closed it end of febuary, so i have a lovely selection of scents here! its really nice to have these back, as i was getting super super low and thats not fun.

If you havent read my previous posts about bramble wax, they are a small handmade wax melt company in the UK that i found almost a year ago, they got me into wax melts and i completely adore them! the scents are always so true to life and the customer service basically cant be matched. I also love the fact that they are all themed, often with a nerdy twist and that is what im all about!

Anyway going from top left to right these are the melts i got this time –
Hundred Acre Honey x2
Time Of My Life x3
Rainbow Splash x2
Life Of Pie
Romeo Loves Juilet
You Are My Sunshine
Ruby Slippers
A-Grade Impressionist
samples of Make It Double & Prepare For Trouble
Peach perfect x2
Cosmic Jellies
Flash A-ah x2

So there you have it my latest wax melt haul! short but sweet, and fruity and all kinds of good basically! have you tried bramble wax? lemme know!

Cath x

Bramble wax wax melt haul.

Hey there! so a little while back i wrote about my wax melt obsession and my favourite brand bramble wax (you can read all about that here) and i showed you a haul of wax melts! well since then i have a erm…sizeable haul from them! the fortnightly menus they they do on there facebook page havent overly appealed to me lately (the themes yes the scents sadly not!) so i thought i was going to have a rather small open box to show you! an open box by the way is a service they offer, in which you can open an open box, and then over the next month anything you buy with them goes into that box, combining postage which is nice! but then just before mine closed it was the owners birthday so she had a massive birthday sale….i did damage!

Ill mark which wax melts i got in the sale but its fair to say i dont need any for a while! my box in which i keep all my wax melts is now too small (my collection is obviously not too big). Unsurprisingly my large haul meant i levelled up! bramble wax have a rewards system based on a gaming level up system and now in my next order i can get a free bag of bramble snaps, which is awesome! just hopefully in a scent i like! i did also get a free gift in this order, a wax melt, though im not sure how i feel about the smell yet!

I have got to say, one of my favourite things about bramble wax is how active they are in talking to there customers and keeping them informed. I really like how personal buying from them feels and it has made me want to start buying from smaller local brands more often!

anyway, im gonna list all the wax i got starting from top left, here we go!

Hundred acre honey shot pot x4 (sale).
Rainbow splash shot pot x2 (sale).
Chosen by the sea sample.
Time of my life shot pot x2 (sale).
rapsicle x2 (sale).
leeloo (sale).
headmaster’s office (sale).
grans pecan pie sample.
sun song (fortnightly menu).
hoist the black flag (sale).
glass slipper (sale).
companion (sale).
lickipops (sale).
spice (free gift).
who you gonna call? (fornightly menu).
halliwell charm (fortnightly menu).
Vita ex morte (fortnightly menu).
Salem (fortnightly menu).

As i said above, i dont need any for a while! but of course the next menu that im interested in will ruin that one! what i do need however is a bigger box….

Cath x

Current favourites.

Hey there! so i havent done monthly favourites before, and i think its a little outdated these days! however, i felt like showing you what im enjoying lately, and i think ill do these posts randomly just when i have things to show you! i have 3 skincare, 2 makeup, a wax melt, and some music too! so lets get started.

First up we have a wax melt! i mentioned wax melts a few weeks ago, and in that haul i picked up the rainbow splash bramble wax £5. I have had the shot pot of rainbow splash and i love the smell, so i grabbed the bramble snap and im so glad i did! its so nice just being able to grab a chunk and pop it in the burner, and its bramble wax so of course it smells amazing, its meant to smell like fruit chews and honestly id say its fruitier than that!

Right onto the makeup! First off the E.l.f HD setting powder £7.50, now i bought this a while ago but have only started wearing makeup regularly again over the past few weeks, and this set powder is lovely! i used to use it years ago back when elf was in the uk the first time around. its very fine, easy to buff away and keeps everything matte! big thumbs up from me.

Oh mascara, we all want the perfect one dont we? i wouldnt say this is my perfect one, but the soap & glory thick & fast mascara £10.50 is really doing it for me right now! it makes my lashes look full and long, matching the dark purple eye i like doing perfectly, it doesnt flake or smudge and is easy to remove!, it doesnt hold a curl sadly, but ill take everything else for that!

First up in my favourite skincare right now, is the no7 nourishing cleansing balm £13.00. i picked this up in a haul a few weeks ago and god i love this cleansing balm! its so good, i reviewed it fully here but if your looking for a good basic in the best way cleansing balm check this out!

I bought this speed plump miracle moisture mouse £14.00, now i know i used this a while ago but it had been a while! trying it again, i really like it. Its a very interesting texture, like a oily mouse, its hydrating and feels lovely on the skin.

Finally for skincare, we have the Revolution skin mild skin exfoliator 5% lactic acid & hyaluronic acid £6.00, this month i tried a tonne of the revolution skincare products, and i love all of them but the lactic acid has really stood out for me as a really gentle exfoliating option.

Ive been really back into musical soundtracks at the minute, this video from west end live introduced me too the musical six, i fell in love with it very quickly! its a really quirky fun soundtrack that can be found on spotify.

Along the same vein, i have been a watcher of carrie fletcher for a while, and shes currently in the west end production of heathers,i hadnt heard of heathers until she got the part but now oh wow its so good! again, the full soundtrack (not sung by carrie sadly) is on spotify.

So thats what im enjoying at the moment, id love to hear what your loving right now!

Cath x