Ive been hinched!

Hey there! so if you are around on social media at all then you would have to be living under a rock to have not heard about Mrs Hinch. Mrs Hinch, real name soph, started out just as a cleaning mad women posting her cleaning tips on instagram and pictures of her beautiful home. Her instagram posts and instagram stories of hinch hauls, clockwise cleaning and hinch half hours suddenly in september sent her from having a few 1000 followers too at the time of writing this at the end of october having 1.1 million followers!

Very quickly, she went from a small account to a massive one, and had companies tripping over themselves to work with her and honestly she deserves every last bit of attention shes getting. Her dancing and singing while cleaning, her naming of all the items she uses makes things fun again.

Ive always helped out with the housework since ive been off work, but over the past 2 years i just havent been able to find the motivation. And as my physical health as gone downhill especially over the past year trying to do housework became really difficult. Meaning that a lot of things slipped, because my mum is the person that does the housework mainly in the house and shes only one person!

When i started watching Mrs Hinch, she made me want to clean straight away and once i was able to get out and buy some bits it began! Now, my job is to keep the main bathroom clean, and of course my room too! i actually look forward to cleaning now, and enjoy making hinch hauls!

Above is the stash i currently have, i havent followed exactly what Mrs Hinch has either because i cant find it or because i tend to like different scents to her! She loves her pine, but im more of a citrus person, as you can see!

Now my little mini narnia is in its box near my door and it really movates me to clean. I picked up some more bits when i got to poundland last week, and the next day i blitzed the bathroom a lot! So, i thought i would show you around my little mini narnia!

Zoflora & spray bottle of Zoflora – i think zoflora has turned into some kind of drug! i only have one right now, citrus fresh but once i can find more that will change! Mrs Hinch is a massive fan of this disinfectant that you dilute with water and so am i! you can use it on pretty much anything, and trust me, you will. its impressive what a different wiping down your desk with zoflora does just for your happiness really! i dont know many people that are not completely obsessed with this stuff.

Sponges – Mrs Hinch is famous for her “minkeh” sponge but its sold out pretty much everywhere! i am a big fan of sponges always have been, and cleaning has just made that a lot worse. I may have also been known to rip or cut sponges as a coping skill!

flash bathroom – Mrs Hinch uses the pourable verison of this stuff and when she used it everything always did look so shiny and clean so i thought i would give it a go and god it really is good! it left my sink etc looking really shiny and everything smelt really good.

cif powder & shine bathroom mouse citrus – oh this is just fun to use honestly! its a spray able mouse you spray over the surface your cleaning leave for 10 minutes and wash off. i used this all over my bath and it really got off all the soap scum etc and lets face it, its just fun!

flash concentrate – this stuff is really handy if your cleaning something that needs an extra little oomf! ive used it to clean out cupboards, bins, window cills anything that hasn’t been cleaned in longer than you would like to admit and needs a helping hand. The pouring system on this is also really clever because it only lets you pour out the perfect amount each time.

Domestos spray bleach – I have a long history of being a little bleach happy, i quite like the smell! because it reminds me of swimming pools and my mum (thats not weird, shes a caretaker). once a week or so i will bleach the toilet and this works really well for that, just make sure nothing you dont want bleached is nearby!

Flash all purpose spray crisp lemons – Now this is basically used for what you use zoflora for, but i still really like it! i switch between this and zoflora a lot, its handy for sure.

Duck toilet cleaner lemon – Ok so its toilet cleaner, its still good! and lemon, obviously.

Flash wipes with febreeze, Mediterranean lemon – I am not the biggest user of wipes, i would rather just use a sponge and zoflora! but sometimes a wipe is just easy to grab in a pinch, and of course there lemon.

Tescos glass and window cleaner – i just picked this up to clean mirrors, ive tried it once and i wasnt super keen but we will see!

So there you have some of my top cleaning picks at the minute! I’m currently looking for a stainless steel cleaner and something to remove a large amount of limescale build up on my shower, any suggestion are very welcome!

Cath x