Whats in my handbag?

Hey there! so i bet you havent seen one of these posts in a while? Whats in my handbag posts and videos were all the rage for years, but now a days you dont see them so often. Personally though, i really enjoy seeing them! so come have a look in my handbag.

My handbag itself is from kipling, i dont thing this model is sold anymore though sorry! i got it for Christmas a couple of years ago now, and i really love it. It was my first “proper” handbag, you know, one that isn’t from primark? I really like it, and its held up so very well!

so first things up, my purse! i got my purse for my birthday last year, it is also kipling, its not the same print but its not too far off, as my old one had been falling apart! its really nice with a lot of slots and pockets for what you need, mine has my ID (shudder), various cards like my bank card, boots card, library card, superdrug card etc. Plus a lottery ticket from may, a couple of receipts and a fiver!

Next up is a little bag of pads, the bag is one that you get in pink parcel, i love these things.
my camera didnt like the black bag!

Another bag within a bag, Is another kipling item! i got this for my birthday last year as well with the purse, this has my name on it and one of the classic little monkeys kipling has on there stuff (hes called daniel!). This is a multi-pocket bag i keep a lot of things in, currently its a little bare but it contains –

Strawberry & raspberry antibacterial hand gel from superdrug.
The body shop hand cream in grapefruit.
Wet ones in be zingy.
17 cheeks brush.
CBT flash pack from years ago i feel weird not having.
Blotting sheets.

Its that bag that i think a lot of us have, the “what if?” bag!

Then for the stuff i have without a bag, i have my perfume lady gaga fame, ive worn it for years now and i really adore it, even if i bought it at first because of the fact its black!

I always have a hair serum floating around, currently the one in my bag is the Dove regenerate nourishment serum in oil, its alright but its not really a favourite sadly. I am always looking for the perfect serum, and i am yet to find one! And finally my hair brush, because thats one of those things you always need.

Well there you go! i hope you enjoyed having a look into my handbag, is there something you think im missing?

Cath x

Switching it up matte pinks makeup look.

Hey there! so todays post is a look i did last week, i was thinking about what to do to show all of you. I thought about a few things but then i thought why dont i do exactly what i dont really do? normally i do shimmery eyes and lips and matte skin and i dont really do pinks very much!, so i switched it up today! matte eyes & lips and an awful of highlighter.

Below is what i used, i hope you enjoy!

Bourjois 24Hr Eyeshadow Primer.
Imagic Flash Palette – Blue, Pink, Red and black mixed together – for the eyeshadow base.
Makeup revolution Single Eyeshadow In Touch Me – general blending colour.
Makeup Revolution Pro Regeneration Trends Mischief Mattes Palette – I used Ricochet for the crease colour, then Exclusive also in the crease, with Haunted on the lid and Cursed to blend out the liner.
Makeup Obsession Eyeshadow in Midnight black – over the black Imagic cream for liner.
Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara.
ebay false eyelashes.

The Ordinary high-Adherence Silicone Primer.
Freedom Pro Camouflage & Correct In Yellow & Green.
17 Stay Time 25hr Foundation In Porcelain.
Obsession Mixer Whitening Drops.
Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer In F1.
Illamasqua Cream Pigment In Hollow.
Miss Beauty Pressed Powder In Ivory.
NYX Blusher In Taupe.
17 The Cheek Of It Blusher In Plum Puff.
Makeup Revolution Ghost Lights Highlighter.

Revolution Pro Lipstick Kit Reds & Vamps.

Cath x