Favourite products 2018 – makeup.

Hey there! so if you didnt catch it in my last post im doing a little two-part series of my favourite products of 2018, my last post here was about all my favourite skincare products, this one is all about my favourite makeup products! i really wanted to do this especially because i saw anna (the anna edit) show how she had 8 years of her yearly favourites, and i thought that was really cool! anyway, long post incoming so lets get going.

Primer – smashbox photo finish foundation.
This is no surprise, this has been my go to foundation primer for a while now and theres good reason. Its one of those old fashioned favourites we often forget about these days! its a silicone based clear primer that smooths out the skin and makes everything apply better and last longer.

Foundation –
Estee lauder double wear stay-in-place foundation in shell.
This has been my go to foundation for a few years now and i doubt that is going to change any time soon! its lasting power is amazing, coverage is highly build able and i honestly haven’t found anything that beats it for me.

Concealer – revolution conceal & define concealer in C1.

I highly doubt that i am the only one that has this on there list, has this concealer came out in 2018 and everyone loved it so much that they brought out a supersize! If im honest, i wasnt actually too sure about this concealer at first, i thought it was a bit too heavy and the colour was off, but mixing a drop or two of whitener in made all the difference and im a big fan now! its super good coverage, not cakey or heavy (just dont use too much!) and lasts really well.

Powder – elf HD setting powder.
2018 was the year i had to admit defeat, stop buying every compact that i could find of the maybelline dream matte powder in rose nude, and find a different setting powder that i liked. asking around, a friend suggested elf hd setting powder and im so glad she did! ive actually gone through the whole tub, theres only a tiny bit left and theres very good reason why. Its actually got no colour to it, its not translucent but actually has an orange cast, it sets everything firm in place but doesnt look cakey at all either. perfect!

Contour – NYX high definition blush in taupe.

2018 was the year that i had to stop holding on to discontinued items and find something new, and after using the makeup gallery single eyeshadow for years i needed a new contour powder after basically strapping the pan clean. again i asked around and this one kept coming up and now have ive used it for a while i see why, its a good tone for us very pale people, and the powder itself is really easy to use.

Blusher –  lots of them!
blusher is the one product that i spent ages thinking about and im still not sure, its the product i mix up a lot and i dont really stick with one. i tried to pick one, but i just couldnt stick with one, i think i did have a favourite shade,which is a blue based almost bubblegum pink. but then again saying that i also really got back into the more muted dusty rose pinks so i really dont know! the blushers pictures were some of my favourites however, and i would suggest any of them.

Highlighter – obsession powder highlight in moon.

Oh it just had to be this one really! i adore this highlighter, it sits in this little 6 pan palette i have with the matte black from obsession and a purple eyeshadow too that i use all the time and theres good reason. This is a in your face, bright shining silver-purple highlight, its not “natural” a “glow from within” nothing like that, but thats exactly why i love it! i also love it for my inner corners too.

Eye primer – Nars pro prime smudge proof eyeshadow base.

This really isnt a surprise, seeing has this is the only primer ive used for a while now! i was a die hard fan of urban decay primer potion for years, but after a while i found it just wasnt enough for my oily heavily hooded lids. However, nars is, it can keep my eyeshadow on for 8+ hours (tested on christmas day, as i dont tend to wear makeup for ages) no issue, its honestly the best ive found.

Eyeshadow base/cream eyeshadow – revolution pro pigment pomade in jet black.
I tend to always wear a cream eyeshadow over my primer and before powders, i find everything looks better and lasts longer this way. Again this was a product i needed to change, because even though the maybelline colour tattoos still exist, the colour timeless black does not. So it was good timing when revolution brought out these little pots of cream pigment that can be used for pretty much anything, this pot pictured is brand new because i lost my old one, and i think that says everything really! pigmented, long lasting and blendable.

Eyeshadow – nyx ultra hot shots single eyeshadow in ultra violet.
the single eyeshadow had to be the one that i bought 9 of when i heard it was discontinuing really didnt it?, i love this matte eyeshadow, its one of the few matte purples that actually has the right undertone that i like, its also super blendable and pigmented, win! im sad its been discontinued, but im not running out for a while!

Eyeshadow palette – revolution pro regeneration trends mischief mattes.
Now i could of said the obsession palette i use all the time but i made that myself, and i could of said the sleek bad girl palette that i use all the time but i only ever use one shadow out of that. So instead i went with the palette that impressed me the most in 2018, i did at the end of 2018 get two higher end palettes but i havent had time to really try them out. But this palette blew me away in the summer, a palette full of bright matte colours, all pigmented and easy to blend, it really is a bargain and a must have if you like bright and different eyeshadows.

Liquid eyeliner – maybelline master ink matte eye liner.

i go through liquid eyeliner phases, and i got bored of my normal go to (bourjois liner pinceau) so i asked around and picked up this one and im glad i did! im picky about my liquid liners, they have to be matte, very black and easy to use, long lasting and cant flake. i wasnt sure about it at first due to the felt tip brush but actually i find its so fine i can use it pretty well, its matte and very black and lasts well, brilliant!

pencil liner – pixi endless silky eye pen in black nior.

This liner came back into my life in the latter half the year, but i have had and loved it before too! i had it a few years ago and used it to the very end very sad when it was finally gone. So i was glad when i got it back in a pink parcel this year, has i dont really wanna drop that amount of money on a black pencil liner! but it really is very good, very black, soft and glides well but when its set its not going anywhere, very glad to have it back!

mascara – soap & glory thick and fast HD mascara high definition collagen coat.
This mascara happened with one of those moments when you get something new, and you try it and you dont exactly hate it but you dont exactly love it either so it just gets left by the way side, but when you do go back to it you fall in love with it. That was what happened with this mascara for me, im glad i picked it back up! because its been the only mascara ive used for a few months now, and that is a rare thing to happen. It lengthens, volumises and is super black, i always top coat it with a waterproof mascara and ive had no issues with wear after doing that.

Lipstick – 17 mega matte lip colour in i lilac it a lot.
2018 really was the year of finding new products or replacements honestly! my beloved lipstick of choice for years, the barry m lip paint in 129 had a formula change, and it just doesn’t look or feel the same anymore. So on a mission i went, to find a replacement lipstick i liked! annoyingly, the lipstick i fell for is discontinued because the brand is gone. But all the same this is the lipstick i have been reaching for the most this year, its lilac but its, wearable lilac? if lilac can be wearable! anyway, looks like 2019 i need to find a replacement for my replacement.

Setting spray – revolution pro fix oil control makeup fixing spray.
Ive used the basic freedom setting spray for ages, but when i ran out i grabbed this revolution oil control one i had gotten as a gift and i really like it! i didn’t know if it would have the same effect, but it works well, keeps everything in place and removes the excess powdery look.

There you have it! boy that is a long post, well done if you got to the end! what was your makeup favourites? let me know.

Cath x

Pink Parcel September 2018.

hey there! so today im gonna show you septembers pink parcel, ive done posts for previous pink parcels too, if you dont know what it is its a monthly subscription service, for around £10 a month you get a large amount of your period product of choice (pads or tampons, brand, flow etc) and a little box of goodies too, always containing a sweet treat & and a tea/coffee of some sort.

Ive been getting pink parcel for over a year now and i really like it, its a brilliant way to get all the pads you need and a little treat too! Every month there is a theme, and this months theme is the eve appeal, if you dont know about the eve appeal you can read about here but basically it is the UKs gynaecological cancer research charity, helping to raise funds for research and raising awareness of course its a very special and brilliant cause to support!

Anyway, lets see what i got in this months box.

Ill be honest that this month, i did open this box before i took pictures (i know, how could i) because when it arrived i wasnt able to take pictures straight away and i wanted too see!

Anyway, first up the tea/coffee thing this month is the drink me chai free from chai latte £2.50 (for 200mg, we get 18g), im not a coffee or tea drinker but nice to see a dairy free alternative drink in here!

Our sweet treat this month is the seed and bean the little one cornish sea salt and line milk chocolate £2.69 (for 85g we get 25g), i really like salt, like slightly stupid levels like, and i really like salted chocolate so looking forward to trying this!

So first up we have a mini of Percy & Reed invisible dry shampoo £12.50 (for 150ml, we get 50ml). As soon as i saw a percy & reed product i knew it would be a dry shampoo which im a little sad about, dry shampoo always seems to be what is given out and i dont use it so its a bit meh. Also i dont know why but the cap on the mini bottle is very strange, as if they have stuffed a cap that doesnt belong on the bottle on!

Next up we have the skinchemists rose quartz lip plump £24.90 that we got the full size of, i am very curious about this product! im not that bothered about lip plumping products, ive always been fine with the size of my lips but rose quartz? now your talking! as i am a big gemstone fan. Its a very pretty looking lip gloss that goes on clear like a balm, its plumping is done using peppermint so it has that classic tingle, it doesnt hurt at all though it does smell a bit like deep heat! i dont know if i see much difference but the blood has been brought to the surface for sure.

A tiny little sample of Anatomicals no old bags allowed eye gel £4.79 (for 15ml we got 5ml), ive loved anatomicals for years, i feel like its a very underrated brand so im glad to see this here! ive wanted to try an eye cream again lately, so im glad this was in here.

we have a mask in the form of the Beautypro nourishing collagen mask with olive extract £4.95, we have had beautypro sheet masks before and i remember liking it, this one contains olive extract which sounds interesting!

Finally we have a mini pixi endless silky eye pen in blacknoir £12.50 (for 1.8g we got 0.8g), i was very excited to see this in here and have actually already used it! i have used the endless silky eye pens before and i love them, i used my last one down to the very last bit, these are super long lasting, very black and creamy and just so good! i really love these liners.

So there you have it! Septembers pink parcel, do you get any monthly boxes?

Cath x