Pink parcel october 2018.

Hey there! Today i have Octobers pink parcel to show you, if you dont know what pink parcel is it is a monthly subscription service based on your period. With every box that you can tailor to arrive based on your cycle, you get three lots of either pads or tampons depending on what you personally choose, one for later, one for now and for night. You also get a little box of treats too!

Ive gotten pink parcel for well over a year now and its very good, i no longer worry about running out of pads or not having enough and the little box of goodies is a really nice treat to know is coming. The only thing that continues to bug me about pink parcel is that throughout the month there adverts will show one or two products from that month, so staying completely unspoiled isnt easy!

Anyway shall we have a look in this months box? this months theme is barefaced beauty, i will say theres no full sized products this month apart from the brush egg which is disappointing, specially considering it was late this month too, however they did message and say it would be, they owned up to it so im glad about that!

First off lets get the tea/coffee out of the way, this months tea is the Immunitea orange and blueberry £3.69 (for 15 bags, we get one). As ive said before, not a hot drinks person so this will go to someone else!

You always get a sweet/chocolate in the box, this month we got 2 squares of chocolate, one salted caramel one orange, ive oppsed and have no idea what the brand is! but to be honest, it wasnt the best so its not a massive lose.

First product are bandzee £6.95, hair ties that are meant to be much kinder and softer to your hair. These are very often included in pink parcels and im honestly just not a fan, they dont hold up your hair very well and stretch very quickly. This months are in a “fawn” print and are very not me!

Next up is the organic pharmacy rose facial cleansing gel £49.00 (for 100ml, we get 20ml) now organic pharmacy is known to be very pricey! but boy £50 for a face wash basically? i havent tried this yet, it has aloe vera, rosehip, rose and bilberry, im a big fan of rosehip so we shall see! i think organic pharmacy have appeared before in the form of a lip balm, a while ago!

Next sample is from a brand we have seen before in pink parcel as well, mudmasky, i said it last time and i will say it again that good grief they cost the earth! this time we have a sample of the mudmasky morning boost mask £60.00 (60ml, we get 20ml) at least we got a better sized sample this time! this mask is meant to be a very quick morning boost, only something to be left on for a minute, its meant to be energising, lifting, feeding, hydrating and smoothing! it has coffee in it, meaning to be like a cup of coffee for your skin basically! im excited to try this to be honest, we are seeing these 1 minute morning masks appear more and more lately.

A brand ive never seen before next called whats in it for me..?, and we got there body cleanser £6.00 (250ml, we got 50ml), it says “aloe vera, witch hazel and grapefruit extract to cleanse, along with peppermint and rosemary oil to invigorate the skin and body”. I am getting slight anatomicals vibes from this brand, with there tag line being “totally selfish, indulgent in love with yourself products”, im curious to see more of there stuff to be honest as im curious!

The last thing we got was the Kawaii enterprise kawaii brush egg £6.99, you could get lilac, blue or pink and i got lilac. This is techinally the only full sized product we got, but its a brush egg! i wont be using mine because i already have one and i honestly dont like them, if im gonna use something like this im going to use a mat because its easier.

I have to be honest that im disappointed with this months box, not only was i already a bit spoiled about the contents, it was late, theres a number of brands we have seen before or many times, and everything minus the egg brush is a sample. Im looking forward to trying out the mask, but thats all really.

Its a shame! and i hope November is better.

Cath x