* Beyou soothing natural period pain patches.

Hey there! So a few weeks ago i was very kindly sent the *Beyou soothing natural period patch patches £5.99 to test out, these patches are meant to soothe and help the pain of periods naturally using menthol and eucalyptus. Now i am a sufferer of PCOS, so ive had very painful periods for years, along with cycles that can easily be 40+ days etc. I was interested to see if these would help ease the pain at all.

As you can see, the patches themselves look a bit like a big plaster, now i knew that as a plus sized women there was no way these pads would be big enough for me but having showed them to an average sized friend of mine there not really big enough full stop! they are also that classic plaster colour, so if you wanted too wear them but knew they might end up on show you couldn’t be super pale (like me) or darker either.

i popped one on (they come in a pack of 5) when i was getting some pain, the first thing i noticed was a strong smell of menthol and eucalyptus. They do lay pretty much completely flat against the skin but even so if you were wearing something completely skin tight they would show through, i knew they were there but they weren’t bulky or annoying at all. They slowly become cooling on the skin, and i can get why that is meant to be soothing but for me i found it distracting and annoying, i didn’t like how it felt and though its meant to calm your muscles i wanted to tense my muscles more! i took them off after a while finding them too distracting, they did come off very easily but i dont have much hair on my stomach at all, i would watch it if you do. 

I can understand how they are meant to soothe, because obviously the reason we get pain is because our muscles are contracting and tensing up and this is meant to soothe them and ease the pain that comes from that. And we do this with sore tense muscles all over the body so it does make a lot of sense, but sadly it just doesn’t seem to work for me! My body can be rather picky and it was with this, its a shame as a natural way to ease pain is always a plus in my book.

i still would say give this a go if you think it will work for you, because peoples bodies and there pain is so unique and you know what works best for you! 

Cath x

*This product was sent to me free of charge, this does not change or effect my opinion.

Suu Balm

Hey there! so a few weeks ago i was lucky enough to be sent a tube of suu balm to try. Suu balm is a moisturiser developed by Dr Tey Hong Liang, who runs the itch clinic at the national skin centre in singapore (i know). He made the suu balm after he found that the creams currently on the market none of them soothed an itch effectively.

Suu balm is a moisturising cream designed with menthol which helps cool and ease the itching feeling, meaning people would want to apply the ceramide rich cream more meaning the ceramides could help repair the skins barrier quicker.

Has soon as i heard about suu balm i wanted to give it a go, its designed for people with all kinds of skin issues that causes itching from eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin, dry skin you name it! ive suffered with dry itchy skin on my body for as long as i can remember, its something that both me and my brother suffer with (thanks dad). A lot of creams tend to upset my skin over actually soothe it and a lot of them i end up washing off.

I wondered how thick this would be considering its called a balm but in fact its no different really to any other cream when you first squeeze some out. It goes on really nicely its not overly heavy or greasy which is a god send because if you have had creams for eczema from the doctors you will know that really itchy uncomfortable feeling can be made so much worse by the thick heavy cream they give! but this wasnt heavy at all.

The menthol starts off very slowly and builds up to become more cooling over time which is nice, i will say this is something that shouldnt go near your face or neck, one its just not meant for that and two the smell of menthol to close to your nose isnt fun for anyone! I first tried it on one of the last hotter days we had of summer and the cooling feeling is really nice, and it does as promised soothe an itch and make you less likely to scratch your skin into shreds!

I suffer with heat rash and just dry skin on my collarbone area and this helped calm that down really quickly, which was lovely because that can be a troublesome area for me a lot.

All in all ive been rather impressed with this, its helped soothe and calm my pissed off skin really nicely! suu balm starts from £13.50, and they also do a kids version which starts at £9.95.

I was sent this product to review, this does not effect my opinion.