Bramble wax melts haul march 2019.

Hey there! so i havent done a wax melt haul in a while, because i bought if i remember rightly over 22 wax melts on black friday? so you know, i was good for a while! but i opened up an open box the very end of january with bramble wax and closed it end of febuary, so i have a lovely selection of scents here! its really nice to have these back, as i was getting super super low and thats not fun.

If you havent read my previous posts about bramble wax, they are a small handmade wax melt company in the UK that i found almost a year ago, they got me into wax melts and i completely adore them! the scents are always so true to life and the customer service basically cant be matched. I also love the fact that they are all themed, often with a nerdy twist and that is what im all about!

Anyway going from top left to right these are the melts i got this time –
Hundred Acre Honey x2
Time Of My Life x3
Rainbow Splash x2
Life Of Pie
Romeo Loves Juilet
You Are My Sunshine
Ruby Slippers
A-Grade Impressionist
samples of Make It Double & Prepare For Trouble
Peach perfect x2
Cosmic Jellies
Flash A-ah x2

So there you have it my latest wax melt haul! short but sweet, and fruity and all kinds of good basically! have you tried bramble wax? lemme know!

Cath x

*Statement made jewellery.

Hey there! so i was lucky enough to be chosen by statement made jewellery to have a piece of jewellery sent out to me and believe you me i was one very happy blogger when it arrived.

I had no idea what was going to be coming, has they had left it a complete surprise and ill admit to actually tearing up a little bit when i opened it. I dont get jewellery very often and it was lovely to get some.

Statement made jewellery make beautiful jewellery most of which can be customised or personalised to suit the wearer. A very nice touch is that they have a 100 day money back guarantee which for things like birthdays and Christmas is super handy.

So the necklace they sent me is the *dandelion seed necklace £14.90, a few dandelion seeds are set into a resin ball pendant on a leathereatte chain, and next to the ball is my initial C on a small silver charm. It was such a nice touch! and you can add initials, birth stones all sorts to most items.

The necklace is 18″, due to being pretty plus sized i have had to use an extender but that is something i tend to expect!

I love the fact that these are handmade, theres such a nice feeling about wearing something handmade. I love the thought behind dandelion seeds too, they have been a theme in my year so this necklace was so perfect for me.

It arrived in a little pink bag, making life easy if your giving it as a gift.

honestly i am so impressed with this, i would highly suggest having a look at statement made jewellery!

Cath x

*i was sent this item free of charge to consider for review, this does not effect my views.