Elemental Mermaid makeup look.

Hey there! so its been a long time since ive brought to you any makeup looks, but this is due to having not done any! when i go out i wear makeup, but its the same thing i always do, super dark purple smokey eyes and a lilac lip. Ive finally had the light and the moment to sit down and play and im so glad too! i had some palettes i was dying to try, it is quite like the mermaid look i did for halloween, and like a few other looks ive done in the past, but you know what, i like what i like! anyway, i hope you enjoy!

Nars smudge proof eyeshadow base.
Revolution ultra brow tint in dark.
Imagic flash palette – the white cream all over the lid and into the crease, the dark blue on the lower lashline.
Revolution mischief mattes eyeshadow palette – Saint to set everything, Believer, Indication and Shrine layered in the crease.
Urban Decay elements eyeshadow palette – Heavy water in the first half of the lid, luna in the inner corner.
Violet Voss the rainbow eyeshadow palette – a mix of indigo and violet on the outer half of the lid, royal on the lower lashline and eclipse used close to the lower lashline to smoke it out.
Maybelline master ink liquid liner in matte black.
Maybelline snapscara.
Collection glam crystals in le freak – on the first half of the lower lashline.
Ardell kelly lashes and ebay lashes with duo glue.

W7 angel balm primer.
Loreal infallible mattifying base.
Revolution conceal & define foundation in 0.5.
no17 stay time concealer in extra fair – only ended up using this around my brows.
Maybelline matte and poreless pressed powder in translucent.
NYX powder blusher in taupe.
NYX ombre blush in code breaker.
Revolution skin kiss highlighter in dream kiss.
Urban decay elements palette – luna as a highlighter as well.

NYX cosmic metals lip cream in dark nebula.
Collection glam crystals in le freak.

So there you go! i hope you enjoyed the first makeup look ive done in a while, i very much enjoyed doing it!

Cath x

The Goth Tag.

current day me

Hey there! so i tweeted out the other day that i was struggling for blog post ideas and my lovely spooky blogging sister Amy from Asphodel Moon suggested the goth tag. Now if you havent noticed, i do tend to lean pretty heavily on the goth side of things, so this sounded right up my street!

1. How long have you been Goth?
Oh boy! i was around 11/12 when i kept leaning towards things that were more gothic in style, i remember for a while my go-out outfit was always a very long black skirt, a black gyspy top and a red sweat band on my wrist that said “flippin mental”. around 14 was when my “emo phase” fully hit, and then i began to lean more goth again when i was around 17 or so and its continued that way ever since! until i was 16 i kept my naturally bright red hair, but when i was 16 i ditched the awful emo side fringe and dyed my hair dark brown, i think it was 3 months before it was black! and i havent looked back.
2. How were you introduced to Goth?
Honestly it seemed to be something i naturally fell into as i grew up, i cant think of any one thing or person that really got me i just always felt the happiest and the most like me when surrounded in black and lace.
3. What Gothic sub genre would you put yourself in?
Ohh honestly i think i fit in a few! Glam goth/girlie goth for sure, with a heavy side of victorian goth, I think i just tend to go with what i like, and i end up having a bit of everything really!
4. What do you believe to be the basis of the Gothic subculture?
Oh the punk movement for sure! The punk movement was huge, and lined the path so goth could be what it is now for sure. Of course, gothic subculture takes inspiration from a lot of things, like the victorian era.
5. What do you dislike about being Goth?

The judgement really, i mean if your even slightly in the gothic subculture (and even if your not) you know the story of Sophie Lancaster, who was murdered purely because she was goth! In the 11 years since her death the judgement has gotten much better than it used to be, but its no were near what it should be. In an ideal world we should be able to be who we want and it shouldnt mean anything, but it sadly does at the minute.

6. What do your parents think of it?
These days, they just let me get on with it! Now that im 26, they dont really get a say in how i look. When i was a teen there was a lot of talk about my goth “phase”, and when would i stop wearing black and get out of my “phase”. I think for the most part they have learnt that its way more than a phase these days, even if my mum does wonder out loud sometimes if i will wear colour one day! and they both hope i will go back to my natural hair colour one day, which i can understand because it is a rather beautiful rare colour! Though honestly, my extended family tend to be louder than my parents about my style choices!
7. Eyebrows or no eyebrows?
Eyebrows for me, though i wish it wasnt! i dont really have much to start with, and what i do have is very blonde so it would be much easier if i just didnt have eyebrows but at the same time i dont know if im brave enough for that! i have a pretty full heavy fringe and that tends to cover them most of the time.
8. What is your favourite band?
Honestly, likely disturbed! I dont tend to listen to super heavy stuff its just never really been me, but a couple of years ago i got very into disturbed thanks to a few friends and i have been obsessed ever since.
9. How do you feel about Marilyn Manson?
I dont really have an opinion on him, i know hes done some not good things and his music really doesnt interest me so i dont really think about him!
14/15 year old me, complete with myspace pose.
16 year old me, webcam picture oh wow.

10. What were your baby bat days like?

ooh boy, they were varied! as i mentioned above the first of the goth days were a long black skirt, a black gypsy top and a red sweat band that said “flippin mental” on! i also remember loving a black long skirt that had a load of different hem lengths paired with a black vest top, black boots and a red hoodie! this would of been around 2005/2006. When i hit my full emo phase, we are talking black leggings, a denim skirt, a black t-shirt with a skull or betty boop!, black arm warmer, enough black liner to re-stock boots, a side fringe straight over my glasses that looked awful and chipped black polish! or another personal favourite, black leggings, black ra-ra short skirt with a star print, black vest top with a black waist coat, black arm warmers, loads of liner, chipped polish and you guessed it, the stupid fringe!

feel free to do this, and please show me if you do!

Cath x