Fat Isnt A Bad Word.

Hey, so today’s post is a bit of a departure from what ive written about on my blog so far but its something thats been on my mind that i really wanted to address.

Im fat, and the thing is, if i said that to anyone the likely hood is they will start trying to disprove this, “no your not!”, “dont be silly” or of course “but you have a pretty face!”. Because for years and years now we have been taught that fat is this bad word, its one of these words you shouldn’t say to others and such even though really, its really not.

Fat is a descriptive word, it describes a part of our bodies, regardless of you who are we all have some amount of fat on our bodies we need it. some of us just happen to have a bit more than others! Yet over the years its become an insult, often paired with other words like “fat and ugly” etc, that was what sparked this post actually, i saw a post on instagram that said “fat but not ugly” and it bugged me because why does that have to be said? someone who is fat is not automatically ugly.

Its frustrating, because this kind of thinking damages you, i know its meant that for me ive spent my whole life thinking that i can not be in any way pretty etc because i dont have the right amount of fat on my body. When you say it like that, it sounds stupid doesn’t it? but thats what it is, we are saying that having too much of this protective layer makes you look awful. Now im not talking about the health side of things with too much fat, thats not what im talking about here. We all know we shouldn’t have too much but thats not the point, we all have different amounts regardless and we dont really respect that.

We make people who are fat feel so ashamed to be so, we really hate on them and make it seem as if its the end of the world, when really its not! theres many reasons as to why people are fat, so many reasons and we just dont think about that. theres more too it than just eating too much! we need to stop being so judgemental, and let fat people live there lives.

We are all beautiful, in our own ways we all are and a number in clothing or on a set of scales does not define that. We are all just trying to figure out this cluster fuck we call life, we are all trying our best, why do we have to make it even more complicated than it already is? Years ago, fat was celebrated, fat was beautiful, fat was glorious, now a days, cant we just celebrate everyone? fat, skinny or in between?

So for me? im gonna stop saying that im “big” or “curvy”, and start saying what i mean, that i am fat and i am not ashamed of that, i am still a human being and i am still %100 valid, i can still have every emotion anyone else does, and im still deserving of everything else anyone else is, being fat doesn’t effect this.

Hey, im cath and im fat, and im not ashamed of that.

Cath x