Mask Time September 2018

Hey there! so last month i wrote about this brilliant face mask subscription box called mask time that i was sent to review and i was lucky enough that they sent me the a box this month as well!

Mask time is a monthly subscription box, full of korean sheet masks, plus a little added skincare extra every month. You can choose the glow starter box (which is the one i have here) which is £9.95 and for that you get 4 sheet masks and the skincare extra, or you can go for the glow setter box which is £24.99 and contains between 8-10 sheet masks and the skincare extra. Mask time is a brilliant subscription box if like me you love doing face masks a lot, its so handy! its very interesting to see all these new interesting face masks, plus in every box you get to learn a korean word which is a lovely little special touch.

This months box is all about soothing your skin and healing any irritation summer may have left.

Anyway shall we look at what masks i got this month?

I love the packaging of korean sheet masks they look so interesting, they have marketing down for sure!

Aool pore & spot care mask rp £3.50 – they have managed to make a spot look cute! anyway, this mask uses ulmus davidiana root extract(which google tells me is a small tree) as it is brilliant for boosting the skins hydration levels, and it is also anti-inflammatory & photoprotective! (helps protect against the sun). this mask also contains pueraria lobata root extract (this seems to be a flower in the pea family) which helps brighten and lighten pigmentation caused by acne scarring etc. i havent used this one yet but i will be soon! i do have my fair share of scarring so it sounds perfect for me.

Dr. plus banana milk mask rp £4.00 – oh boy! so this mask is meant to smell exactly like banana milk, which means i am actually going to pass this one onto my mum because i actually really dont like the smell of bananas, buts thats ok because my mum loves it. So the milky essence helps to balance water content in the skin helping it retain moisture, and lactic acid helps reduce pigmention (lactic acid is an acid exfoliater  i spoke about earlier this week!) acne and sunburn if you have managed to get a bit burnt.

Proud mary ceral pore mask pack rp £3.95 – has soon as i saw this mask i was curious, chestnuts? but indeed, chestnuts! so chestnut extract is meant to help improve the texture of the skin, while you have peppermint leaf extract giving a cooling sensation and helping to balance oils with lavender extract to help combat bacteria healing any open spots you have and helps prevent new ones!
A pieu icing sweet bar sheet mask watermelon rp £3.00 – this mask caught my eye as soon as i spotted it, icing? ice lolly? face mask? what?, but, this mask contains deep sea water to soothe and moisturise and watermelon extract which is rich in vit c, amino acids and lycopene, which cleanses the skin, exfoliates and promotes cell regeneration! i have used this mask and it was lovely, my skin really drank it up and it felt very nice and soothing on the skin.

The skincare extra this month is a little sample of plustem UV perfect block essence, which is spf 50. There isnt much english on the packet so i cant tell you much! but spf makes sense, this box is all about repairing any damage you did in the summer, last thing you want to do is do more damage!

Overall im really happy with this box, mask time continues to impress me i really like everything ive seen from them!

Cath x

I was sent this free of charge to review, this does not effect my opinion.