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Hey there! so today im talking about something a little bit different, though it is something ive done for many years now! and thats online dating, i think at this point if you have been actively dating over the past few years you have likely tried some form of online dating. I know i have! ive used dating sites on and off for over 7 years now, so along the way you can imagine that i have picked up a number of tips, tricks and do’s and donts.

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January is the busiest time of year on dating sites, with a lot of people wanting to find love in the new year. I have paid for dating sites before but you really dont need to do that! theres plenty of completely free dating sites based out there, like match me happy. I am very pleased to be working with match me happy on this post, as they are one of the few free dating sites uk based, to talk to you all about putting together the best dating profile you can so that you have the best chance!

I will of course say, this isn’t fail safe! Everybody is different so not everyone will like you or your profile, and that is completely normal and just part of online dating. If you get turned down, if a message isnt replied too etc dont be too upset, with online dating you have so many people around, so many people talking to each other and such that your bound to find some you dont gel with and thats fine.

So, below im going to list some of my top tips to think about when your making an online dating profile!

1. Have pictures! (of your face)  you would think this was obvious, but its so important you have a selection of pictures on your profile and a good clear selfie as your profile picture. Of course a good point about dating sites is that you can get to know the person before the judgement of looks comes into it but having pictures shows that your not a troll, your real and it also gives a face to text on a screen. Also with this, please dont have purely pictures of animals or a load of dic/boob/ab pics, those kind of pictures are not what i mean and are not helpful!

2. Put time into your profile – too many times ive clicked on a profile and found the very bare bones of info. A name, age and height maybe and the whole about section empty, “will fill in later”, “i cant be bothered ask me if you want to know something” or “i dunno ask me”. I know it can be difficult to talk about yourself but you are basically trying to sell yourself, and any of the above examples is not going to do that! take your time to fill out your profile, answer as many questions as the site poses to you and fill in the about me. It wont take years and it will go a long way to getting responses.

3. Dont give away too much (or too little!) – It can be tough to get the balance right, but in your profile make sure you give enough info so that people are drawn in and have something to message you about but dont give away so much that they have nothing to ask you about! if you have a profile that is pages long and tells your entire life story what are people meant to message you about? so give away some things (like, i love books) but dont give away every single thing (my first ever book i read when i was 4 and it was the tiger that came to tea).

4. Be honest – It can be very tempting to tell little white lies here and there in your profile. Like downgrading your weight, upgrading your height, knocking a few years off etc! but honestly, your best off being honest, if your not you could easily be found out if you end up meeting that person. Obviously it should also go without saying that you should always use pictures of yourself never anyone else and you should never create a completely fictional person, because this is mean, cruel and dangerous.

5. Update and refresh regularly – We are all changing, all the time so its only right that sometimes you need to revisit your profile and give it a refresh so that information doesn’t become out of date and invalid. No good if your profile says your 24 when your actually 26! Same thing with pictures, if you dye your blonde hair green make sure you update your picture, its just helpful so that it doesn’t unintentionally look misleading or lazy.

So there you have it! my tips for making your profile the best you can, i hope this helps some of you at least!

Cath x

*This post was sponsored by matchmehappy, this does not effect my opinion or what i write.