*Jewellery from this material culture.

Hey there! so im very excited to show you this today, This material culture is a small handmade jewellery brand in liverpool. They are known for there quirky interesting jewellery, pizza necklaces, dragon bracelets and everything in between!

I was lucky enough to be sent an item of theres to show all of you, and it seems they were paying attention because i mentioned in our emails that i was a big harry potter fan, and it seems that they listened!

a very dainty pretty deathly hallows symbol necklace on a black cord £5.00, i was very happy when i saw this! its very dainty but pretty, and an obvious nod to a love of harry potter. Also, if you dont know what the deathly hallows symbol is….we cant be friends! no, if you dont know it symbolises the 3 deathly hallows, the elder wand, the resurrection stone and the indivisibly cloak.

I have lengthened the necklace again, because as i mentioned before i tend to need too anyway! but that doesn’t bother me, i dont mind having to do that at all.

its very light and small so would also work really well even as a kiddies necklace, but also looks good enough to be worn by us adults too! I will say however that because it is so light and small it doesn’t give the necklace any weight so it can tend to try and travel backwards!

if your looking for pretty interesting unique jewellery for yourself or as gifts i would highly suggest having a look at this material culture!

Cath x

This item was sent to me, this does not effect my opinion in any way.

*Movies That Mean Christmas Time To Me.

Hey There! So today i am very excited to bring to you my first Christmas related post, and even more exciting is that this post is sponsored by Panasonic. All of us tend to watch tv the most during the Christmas period, munching on chocolate and watching a film with the family is part of Christmas for a lot of us! And the likely hood is that a lot of us are watching our movies on a Panasonic tv, and maybe even the new for 2018 Oled Tv panasonic. So it makes perfect sense for me to partner up with them to bring you this list!

For me Christmas is a up and down time of year, having worked with children i know the kind of magic it can have, but having spent as long as i have with anxiety and the like it can make Christmas difficult to enjoy. However, something i have always enjoyed is watching films at Christmas, and you will see they are not always Christmas films really but more films that are feel good and easy to watch. Which personally, ive always found the perfect kind of film for that time of year!

So, I better stop rambling and get to these films right?

1. The Snowman – I couldn’t make a list like this without the snowman now could i? and yes, its classed as a “tv movie” but its a movie so im counting it! The snowman is a classic, about a little boy who builds a snowman on Christmas eve and the snowman comes to life, and fly’s the little boy to the north pole to meet Santa. Its completely silent apart from the beautiful song “walking in the air”, and done in a animated drawn style. Its basically like watching an animated book, its such a beautiful sweet story and its just a classic that has to be watched.

2. The lion King – For me, Disney movies in general are a massive part of Christmas for me. Something that the whole family will happily watch and are the perfect kind of feel good. One that i can remember watching a lot over Christmas is the lion king, a few years ago i fell rather ill on boxing day and i remember being curled up in bed watching the lion king and it just made me feel comforted and thats what its all about really isn’t it? The feel good factor at Christmas time.

3. Happy Feet 2 – I first saw happy feet 2 quite a few years ago on boxing day, it was early in the morning and i came downstairs to find my mum watching it. By the time my dad got up and came downstairs it was the ending and i was crying my eyes out pretty much squeaking at the screen. This movie is a very cute, interesting film that gives a very good message about fighting for what you want and everyone having there own talents.

4. Wallace And Gromit And The Wrong Trousers – Oh Wallace and Gromit! the perfect thing to watch with the whole family and have a good old giggle, now im older im also amazed by the amount of detail that has gone into the films! The wrong trousers, were the bad guy is a penguin with a rubber glove on his head (yes, really) just cant be beat really.

5. Frozen – As i said above, Disney has always been a staple of our Christmas, But frozen ended up meaning more to me than just a Disney movie. I first saw frozen in early June the year after it came out actually, Earlier that day i had gone to the hospital to see my nan, after 2 years of fighting what we knew was terminal cancer she was going down hill, and sadly 6 weeks later she did pass away. Seeing her in hospital for the first time was really tough, and that evening me and my mum curled up on the sofa watching frozen and eating ice cream, frozen was what i needed in that moment, having to process seeing my nan as poorly as she was. I didn’t watch frozen again until that Christmas, when i was sat in the living room just before Christmas dinner frozen in the background and it brought back memories of my nan for me, it was a subtle nod to her on the first Christmas without her and it always reminds me of Christmas and remembering her now.

6. Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone – Of course i put a harry potter film in here! Every year without fail ITV (tv channel in the uk) will replay all the harry potter films over Christmas. To be honest, really all the harry potter films should be here, but i picked The Philosophers Stone because of the scene at Christmas, harry getting Christmas presents for the first time and actually experiencing what a happy Christmas is like is a magical scene. Nothing really says Christmas like the magic a child (and harry is a child at this point) experiences at Christmas.

7. The Muppets A Christmas Carol- A Christmas carol is classic Christmas tale written by Charles dickens, its about scrooge, a mean business man that hates Christmas. On Christmas night he is visited by a series of ghosts that show him the error of his ways. There has been many versions of this story made into film over the years but the muppets is my personal favourite! its a light hearted take on a heavy story that still has the moral of the story, but in a happy feel good manner.

8. Shrek 2 – Shrek 2 is another one of those films that falls under the feel good family films for me! again all the shrek films could go here, but shrek 2 is my personal favourite (i need a hero anyone?) and always makes me smile without fail.

9. Love Actually – If a film could sum up what a chick flick is this is it! If im honest, when i first saw love actually, as a teen i found it too “cringy” and refused to watch it. Its my mums favourite film, so i always ended up seeing bits and pieces and in the end i started watching the whole thing with my mum and loving it! My mum loves this film and i see why, its mostly feel good and happy with a down to earth twist.

10. Toy Story 3 – Last, but by no means least we have toy story 3, again one of those feel good could list all of the series however there is something about the 3rd one for me. That moment when they think its the end for them and they all hold hands really gets me, this film really felt like it was the end of an era and it showed the admittedly odd picture of the toys point of view of a child growing up and away from there childhood. Its a sweet, feel good happy movie that makes people who have grown up with the toy story movies quite emotional…just me?.

So there you have it! my very long list of movies that mean Christmas time to me, thankyou again to panasonic for sponsoring this post and i hope you enjoyed reading, and maybe added a movie or two to your watch list this Christmas!

Cath x

*This is a sponsored post, this in no way effects what i say.