Bramble wax wax melt haul.

Hey there! so a little while back i wrote about my wax melt obsession and my favourite brand bramble wax (you can read all about that here) and i showed you a haul of wax melts! well since then i have a erm…sizeable haul from them! the fortnightly menus they they do on there facebook page havent overly appealed to me lately (the themes yes the scents sadly not!) so i thought i was going to have a rather small open box to show you! an open box by the way is a service they offer, in which you can open an open box, and then over the next month anything you buy with them goes into that box, combining postage which is nice! but then just before mine closed it was the owners birthday so she had a massive birthday sale….i did damage!

Ill mark which wax melts i got in the sale but its fair to say i dont need any for a while! my box in which i keep all my wax melts is now too small (my collection is obviously not too big). Unsurprisingly my large haul meant i levelled up! bramble wax have a rewards system based on a gaming level up system and now in my next order i can get a free bag of bramble snaps, which is awesome! just hopefully in a scent i like! i did also get a free gift in this order, a wax melt, though im not sure how i feel about the smell yet!

I have got to say, one of my favourite things about bramble wax is how active they are in talking to there customers and keeping them informed. I really like how personal buying from them feels and it has made me want to start buying from smaller local brands more often!

anyway, im gonna list all the wax i got starting from top left, here we go!

Hundred acre honey shot pot x4 (sale).
Rainbow splash shot pot x2 (sale).
Chosen by the sea sample.
Time of my life shot pot x2 (sale).
rapsicle x2 (sale).
leeloo (sale).
headmaster’s office (sale).
grans pecan pie sample.
sun song (fortnightly menu).
hoist the black flag (sale).
glass slipper (sale).
companion (sale).
lickipops (sale).
spice (free gift).
who you gonna call? (fornightly menu).
halliwell charm (fortnightly menu).
Vita ex morte (fortnightly menu).
Salem (fortnightly menu).

As i said above, i dont need any for a while! but of course the next menu that im interested in will ruin that one! what i do need however is a bigger box….

Cath x

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