Garnier SkinActive Botanical Balm and Jelly 3 in 1.

Hey, so about two months ago i was in a superdrug when i spotted these new products from Garnier. Im a big fan of Garnier skincare, and i really like the idea of balm or jelly like products so i had to give these a go when i saw them.

The two in the range are the Garnier SkinActive Botanical Balm Soothing Moisturiser Rose Water  £12.99 and the Garnier SkinActive Refreshing Botanical Jelly Aloe Vera £12.99.

First off, these pots are big! They hold 150ml of product, so even though they are not the cheapest thing around, you can find them on offer quite often they last you months, ive been using these every day for at least 2 months and you can see they haven’t gone down much. They contain no parabens, no silicone’s and according to the tub 96% natural origin ingredients (though of course, that could mean anything!).

First up, the Refreshing Botanical Jelly, this one is a clear jelly, its very refreshing and cooling, if you have ever seen the illamasqua hydra veil it feels very much like that! it feels like barely anything on the skin, like theres nothing there. Yet my skin doesnt feel dry or tight, especially right now with the weather like its been lately (highs of 31c in the south east of the UK today) its actually one of the only things i can bare to put on my skin right now. Ive used it as a day and night cream, you can also use it as a mask but it feels a bit odd on my skin, it made my skin tingle weirdly! but as a moisturiser i love it.

The Botanical Balm is what first drew me to the the tubs on the shelf, its not quite that true super thick balm texture its more like a really thick cream. however once on the skin though you know its there, it doesnt feel overly heavy or anything like that. it melts easily and into your skin, leaves very spot feeling skin. This is my night cream, and even if im falling into bed at 3am (shhh) i can reach for this throw it on and im good, and that is so useful! this is also really hydrating just for any other dry patches you may have. again, didnt really like it as a mask but i adore it as a balm/cream.

overall i really like these moisturisers, ive been using them everyday for 2 months and i will continue to do so until i run out and then i will likely buy them again! in fact, i dont really think its much of a question that i will. And i do highly suggest picking these up!

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