Loreal Paris Unlimited Mascara.

Hey! so yep, another product from that superdrug haul! when i was looking at new mascaras to try, i knew there was no way i wasnt trying out this mascara. This is the Loreal paris unlimited mascara £10.99, and basically the idea behind this is that you can do both eyes without risking hitting the bridge of your nose etc with your mascara wand because you can bend the handle of the wand, so you can get every single lash.

Now, this mascara promises that it will reach every single lash, a long-wearing deep black formula that lengthens, volumises, defines and separates. so, basically it promises to do everything you want in a mascara? im down!

first off, the tube is so strange! but i do like the fact that i can stand it up, less chance of it going rolling off my dressing table. The bendy wand, lets face it we know its a gimmick but it does help with not hitting the bridge of your nose (im a terror for doing that) and getting into the smaller areas of your eyes. the brush itself is basically christmas tree shaped  with plastic bristles.

The first couple of swipes with this looks pretty good! however, this gets clumpy and it gets clumpy *fast*. I find that with 2 coats and a lot of work i get this mascara to look good, but it takes work! a lot of combing through with a lash comb etc. the formula is very fibrous, i can see in the mascara itself little fibres and though i know a lot of people love mascaras like that i can never get them to work for me! it took me a while of combing to get the fibres to not just stick everywhere they shouldnt. A big downside i found with this mascara was that it weighs your lashes down quite a bit, and it made my curl drop almost straight away, my lashes are quite straight normally and they just dropped straight away. But, on the first coat it can look very good for about 5 minutes or so.

Now, even with all this my biggest issue with this mascara is the wear time. i put it on and half an hour later i touched my face (not my eyes) and there was flakes on my hand! already! and in the 7 hours of wear i put it through sure enough it kept flaking off all over the place, witch was so annoying and is the biggest thing that would put me off this mascara.

So honestly? i got hooked in by the idea of this mascara and sadly it just doesnt live up to what it promises! oh mascaras, the never ending search continues.

Cath x

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2 thoughts on “Loreal Paris Unlimited Mascara.”

  1. Ahh that’s such a shame! For the price aswell I can’t believe how rubbish it has turned out to be. There’s nothing worse than a mascara that flakes off because by the end of the day you may aswell have not been wearing any. I love a bit of a curl in lashes too so this definitely would not be the one for me!
    Alice Xx

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