I had to take a moment.

Me last week on one of the trips out, in a giant bauble!

Hey there!, so you may have noticed a bit of a radio silence on my part, i haven’t posted in a week, which as i have been posting every other day since july when i launched this blog that doesn’t normally happen!

But i needed to take a step back and breathe for a bit, since i started therapy and going out more ive continued doing everything else i was doing just adding the new things. As you can imagine, thats gone about as well as it sounds like it would!

I am the type of person that always has to do everything herself and doesnt like asking for help. So i got into the situation that i was trying to juggle everything at once, and of course when your doing that something do have to give in the end. So even though i really didnt want it to happen, i got to the point on wednesday night that i didnt have a post ready for thursday and i just i hit a point.

On thursday most of my 50 minutes with my therapist was me ranting, and i knew at that point that however much i really didnt want to give some things up i needed to make things easier for myself. So, my blogging is going to change a little bit! First off, no i wont be quitting completely but just cutting down so that hopefully things are a bit easier for me.

So now im going to be posting twice a week, instead of my normal every other day. If i have the time and the want to post more i will, but generally twice a week is what im aiming for!

This does mean that i wont be doing weekly therapy diaries either because i would rather have that spot for other things but instead ill do regular updates about that as and when i feel its needed!

Theres plenty coming up, i did serious damage in the black friday sales so lots to show you there, a competition win, pain relief for periods & lots more jewellery! and thats just what i can think of off the top of my head. So theres plenty coming, and im not going anywhere i just needed to step back a bit and remind myself that change is not a bad thing!

Because since i took a little bit of a break ive actually got to really try out and play a game beyond world of warcraft, and ive just been able to breathe a bit better! and thats alright, we all need that.

So yeah, i will see you later this week! and if like me you tend to do this too, might be worth taking a step back, trust me.

Cath x

Gift guide for those with mental illness.

Hey there! so, i wanted to do some gift guides this year, obviously in an ideal world i could use my own pictures but i dont have that kind of money! so i will be using stock photos were i have too, anyway! with that out of the way, my first gift guide is for those in your life that struggle, mainly with mental health but you know it really could be anything!

1. Weighted blanket – These hit the scene about a year ago, and annoyingly they are still very pricey but from everything ive heard they are worth it! they are basically blankets that have been weighted inside so that they feel heavier than normal on you. This is meant to help calm down and ease anxiety, as someone with anxiety i can see this helping for sure!

2. Notebooks – I dont know about you, but with anxiety and the like its often nice to be able to just get everything out onto paper. Its someone ive done as a way to cope for years, writing everything down then tearing the page out and throwing it out. Also, as someone in therapy you need a notebook for that!

3. Buddybox – Buddybox have been around for a while now, and ive always wanted one but there a little out of my reach. Basically they are self care subscription boxes, you can also get one off boxes too with around 5 items. Its a perfect way to give someone something that reminds them that they matter or that they need to take time out sometimes. You can also buy subscriptions, i think if you really wanted to make sure someone was going to get a treat every month that would be a lovely thing to do.

4. Pamper products – I dont want to pick anything exactly because you will know what the person likes best! for me, i love face masks and body scrubs but i dont do bathes so bath bombs would be useless for me. Shower gels however! so basically just go for what would be pampering for them!

5. Netflix/Spotify subscription – Distraction is a very important part of having a mental illness, because sometimes thats the only thing you can do. Watching a show or movie or listening to loud music are all tried and true distractions, a subscription to help with this would be a welcome gift! also, if you know they are into it, a subscription to the MMO they play online is also a good one.

6. wax melter/candles/aromatherapy burner – Ive spoken about aromatherapy on my blog before, wax melts and essential oil burners as well. i really love it, and it helps me an awful lot, so you never know who else it may help! and beyond that, a nice smelling home is always good.

7. Quote jewellery – I have a few pieces of jewellery that have mental health quotes on, but my first item and the item that means the most to me is a bracelet a friend of a friend bought for me that says “my story isnt over yet” it sits on my desk, reminding me exactly that. Getting something like that means an awful lot, trust me! you can find jewellery like that on ebay and etsy.

8. CBD oil – Now this one you gotta be careful with, i would suggest only doing this if you know they have mentioned wanting to try it! but personally i would rather excited if i got it as i would love to give it a go, but always remember that CBD oil and any of this kind of thing isnt a cure, and dont make it seem that way!

9. A personal gift – By this i mean something like, a notebook full of all the things you love about them, or maybe from lots of people! things like that can mean the world in the darkest of moments.

10. Fidget toys – Last year fidget spinners hit the mainstream market and everyone lost there minds, but honestly fidget spinners and all the other fidget toys that are out there can actually be amazingly helpful! also if they like gemstones, worry stones are also brilliant, ive gone through a few over the years!

So there you go, i hope this helps and also, please remember that no one is just there mental illness, but it is nice to get a thoughtful gift!

Cath x

November Pink Parcel 2018.

Hey there! So time for Novembers pink parcel, if you dont know pink parcel is a monthly subscription service that you can time to arrive at the same time that you have your period. You can choose the tampon or pad that you like most, and then you get 2 boxes & one bag of the said pads or tampons, along with a small box of goodies! which always includes a tea bag & chocolate.

Ive gotten pink parcel for over a year, but sadly i think this will be my last pink parcel. Im going to switch to a different beauty box i think, the pads are extremely helpful but i think in the end ill just start buying them again, because the boxes of goodies have been just not up to it, along with late boxes and having my boxes spoiled by the pink parcel adverts on social media.

With all that said, lets show you the pink parcel for November!

So first up we have the tea bag for this month, Dr stuarts skin purify tea £2.35 (for 15 we got 1). Im not a hot drinks person, so i dont tend to have these really.

The chocolate is one we have had in the boxes before, the monezumas milk chocolate crunchy peppermint mini bar £21.99 (for 26 we get one). This chocolate is really good! but, we have had it before which is a bit sad though, but it is yummy.

Next up we have the skin republic x olivia buckland prep + glow sheet mask £5.49, this is classed as a full sized item, but its another sheet mask. We get a sheet mask from pink parcel pretty much every box, and i have to be honest i am quite bored of them now! this sheet mask, honestly seems like most sheet masks.

Next up we have the Loella fab brow brooke angled eye brows brush £4.99, we dont get brushes very much so yay for this! its a rather thick brush however, i dont really know what to use it for.

We have a technic eyeliner, the RRP is £1.99, i was rather disappointed to see technic in here, its not the kind of thing id expect to see, this is a basic black khol eyeliner, i cant find a link for it for some reason! haven’t tried it yet so i dont know what its like, but these eye liners tend to be not amazing.

Skin & Co roma truffle therapy whipped cleansing cream £30.00 for 150ml for 30ml, this is a really really rich cleansing cream, i squeezed some out and tried it on the back of my hand and it is like body butter! interested to try this out, but it may be a tad too rich for me.

Balance me Travel size congested skin serum £10.00 (7ml) is our last item, this had actually leaked a little bit and my whole box smelt like this serum! obviously because its a serum, i dont really have much to say about it, apart from the fact that it smells very herby.

So there you have it! my last pink parcel, i will be going for a different beauty box instead, so look out for that next month!

Cath x

*Statement made jewellery.

Hey there! so i was lucky enough to be chosen by statement made jewellery to have a piece of jewellery sent out to me and believe you me i was one very happy blogger when it arrived.

I had no idea what was going to be coming, has they had left it a complete surprise and ill admit to actually tearing up a little bit when i opened it. I dont get jewellery very often and it was lovely to get some.

Statement made jewellery make beautiful jewellery most of which can be customised or personalised to suit the wearer. A very nice touch is that they have a 100 day money back guarantee which for things like birthdays and Christmas is super handy.

So the necklace they sent me is the *dandelion seed necklace £14.90, a few dandelion seeds are set into a resin ball pendant on a leathereatte chain, and next to the ball is my initial C on a small silver charm. It was such a nice touch! and you can add initials, birth stones all sorts to most items.

The necklace is 18″, due to being pretty plus sized i have had to use an extender but that is something i tend to expect!

I love the fact that these are handmade, theres such a nice feeling about wearing something handmade. I love the thought behind dandelion seeds too, they have been a theme in my year so this necklace was so perfect for me.

It arrived in a little pink bag, making life easy if your giving it as a gift.

honestly i am so impressed with this, i would highly suggest having a look at statement made jewellery!

Cath x

*i was sent this item free of charge to consider for review, this does not effect my views.

My Autumn/Winter skincare changes.

Hey there! so, it wasnt until this year really that i have had to rethink my skincare for the seasons, until then i was basically fine treating my combo skin as i always did regardless of season. But, as i get older (inwardly shivers) i have noticed that during the summer my skin is oilier and in the winter its dare i say it slightly on the dry side.

So with that in mind theres some changes ive been making now that the weather is getting colder!

Of course, we always start skincare with cleansing and my go to first cleanse has been the No7 nourishing cleanser £13.00 but if im being honest i was using this way before the weather got cold! i am going through this pot like theres no tomorrow, i really like it i feel like its one of those staple cleansers that everyone needs in there cupboard! there has been some nights when i showered later in the day etc when ive just done a shock horror single cleanse! with this, and theres no greasy residue or anything like that.

my second cleanse tends to be the cleanser that changes the most with the season, in the summer i tend to go for something that is more either clay based or gel like, but now with the weather getting colder soap & glory peaches and clean cream cleanser £8.00 has been my go to for mornings and second cleanses. Its a cream cleanser so it has that hydrating factor to it but because it contains fruit acids it still has that little bit of a kick to it that my skin tends to need.

Serums and oils tend to move around and change a lot for me on a day to day basis anyway! however in the winter i tend to lean towards oil in the evening a lot more, my favourite has been for a while now has been the revolution skin nourishing CBD oil £10.00. Its just a really good basic nourishing oil that adds that extra level of hydration that my skins really needed lately.

My nighttime cream has been fine, but my daytime one wasn’t cutting it so ive been using the neals yard deliciously ella rose, lime and cucumber moisturiser £25.00. i got this a while ago in a bundle that i bought, and i used it on and off as a nighttime moisturiser especially during the summer, but when i found i needed something more i grabbed this and works wonderfully! its just a really nice, basic moisturiser that does exactly what i want, hydrates and protects.

I dont use an eye cream normally due to having stupidly sensitive eyes, but my under eyes over the past few months had felt like they were lacking something and so when i got a little mini of the Anatomicals no old bags allowed £5.50 i thought i would give it a go every now and then and im glad i have. Sometimes my under eyes and just the skin around my eyes have felt dry and in need of something and this has worked really well, its not heavy in the slightest and very quickly i dont even know ive put anything on, things just feel more comfortable!

try and be better about lip balm but i have to be honest that i dont remember to put it on an awful lot even though i need it! But in the winter etc not using it can mean i get sore lips and i dont want that! so i try to remember to put some on, and ive been reaching for O’keeffes lip repair in cooling £4.25 lately. I bought this around my birthday but ive been picking it up lately more than i did back then really, i like the cooling feeling and its just a really good stick lip balm that lasts a long time on the lips!

So there you have it! the skincare ive been reaching for or swapping in now that the weather is getting colder. Do you switch things around in the winter? let me know!

Cath x

*Anuuk Aromatics essential oil burner & blends.

Hey there! so today i have something quite exciting to bring you, i was very kindly sent some bits and pieces from anuuk aromatic to try. As i have mentioned before in a few posts now i have scents very helpful with dealing with my anxiety over the past year or so, especially turning to wax melts. So the idea of trying a different way to get the scent into my room was very appealing to me!

Anuuk aromatics is a luxury aromatherapy brand, they sell a variety of items all surrounding aromatherapy and essential oils, they do everything from aromatherapy bracelets, essential oil burners to bespoke perfume and skincare. I was sent the *essential oil burner with a leaf pattern £20.00, and 2 essential oil blends £25.00 each, *decadence and *divine davana.

I will say that everything came extremely well packaged, beautifully packed up perfect if you were giving it as a gift or as a gift to yourself even.

First up we have the *essential oil burner £20.00, i have the one with a leaf pattern but there are 2 other designs as well. Each burner is made out of sandstone, with a simple metal cup in the top, basically you light a tea light in the main chamber, put water in the little cup with a few drops of oil.

I hadn’t used an essential oil burner before, but its rather easy! the only issues i had was getting the amount of water and oil right. once you learn how deep the cup is the water is pretty easy to deal with, the oil was a bit harder! but im getting there.

The design is really pretty, but honestly my favourite thing about this burner is that its made from sandstone so that if you do spill anything on it, it dries really quickly! it makes cleaning up from any mistakes a lot easier.

Next up we have the essential oil blends that i have, anu (the owner of anuuk aromatics) asked me what kind of scents i like, i explained that im a big fan of fruity scents, so oranges/grapefruits/mangos/limes/lemons etc and with that she sent me these two blends.

First up we have *decadence essential oil blend £25.00, decadence is meant to be uplifting, energising and exciting. the website describes being stood on a paradise island, and that it is that kind of heady fruity scent, it contains frangipani, lemon, lime, ylang ylang and myrrh. Its not so heady i find it overwhelming, instead it just adds this level of depth, i really can imagine this beautiful beach it describes.

The other oil i was sent is the *divine davana essential oil blend £25.00, they describe this scent as flowery, exotic, fruity and sweet. the story behind this one is being in a temple surrounded by nature, thinking of the next chapter of your life and i really like that idea, the pictures they describe for the scents are brilliant i must say!

this scent is fresh, and yet again i can really see it fitting with what they described. the oils in this one are davana, rose geranium, grapefruit and orange, so right up my street! i haven’t heard of davana before, but im glad i have now has it smells wonderful.

My only gripe with the oils is that the dropper on the bottle is a little too big so you tend to use more oil than you need too, you have to be very careful! its not a big deal at all, just something to watch for.

So all in all i really liked this way of scenting my room, i will continue mixing up using this and wax melts for sure. If your interested in trying essential oil burning i can highly suggest anuuk aromatics, they are a luxury brand, but i would say it is that kind of luxury experience that if you can afford it is worth it, of course it would also make amazing gifts.

Have you tried essential oil burners before? let me know!

Cath x

*i was provided with these items to be considered for review, this does not effect my opinion in any way.

The Therapy Diaries – me before you.

Hey there! so this weeks therapy session i knew was going to be a bit jam packed because i had an awful lot to tell her! and that means, an awful lot to tell you.

So, next week there wont be a therapy diary because i got a letter on Saturday with an appointment for an assessment for my benefits. It wasn’t expected because i had one barely a year ago but yet here we go again! and of course its on a Thursday at the same time i would have therapy. Its very important i go to the assessment, so i have to miss therapy sadly! but you know, needs must.

Last friday i went over my Nans for the first time in ages, its going to be a regular once a week thing (with my mum) and it was really nice. It was nice to chat to her, and just hang out basically with another human being! i love my internet friends, but seeing someone face to face is important.

After my benefit letter on Saturday my automatic response was to panic, and not want to continue getting better at all. I didn’t want to go to therapy etc i just wanted to hide because i knew that any sign of improvement would be taken negatively against me in the assessment. But i fought past that, i didn’t want to be controlled but them so instead seeing as i had done so well i asked mum if we could go to costa on Monday.

And we did! it was without a doubt the worst anxiety day ive had for months, but i did manage it all the same, just about. I then also had the doctors on Tuesday, after my situation that i spoke about here i needed to get a second opinion, and thankfully this time i was listened too! hes looking into referring me to a sleep clinic and i should hear in a few days.

So with all this i had a lot to tell her!

My homework for this week had been to work on the rules and assumptions we had spoken about and add to them if i could. I was able to add one to the mix, and it turned out to be really important because it looks like the reason why i always put myself before anyone else and that im very protective.

She showed me the pacman theory today because i have been struggling with my self-esteem and thoughts of myself she wanted to show me this.

So the pacman theory is this, imagine a pacman –

Pacman here is a negative thought.

And this slice is negative reinforcement, something that fits very easily into the negative thought.

But this rectangle here is a positive reinforcement, something that doesn’t fit with the negative thought.

So instead, we either completely disregard the positive reinforcement or we distort the positive reinforcement to fit the negative thought.

So instead, we need to work so that instead of the negative thought we can create someone willing to take on positive thoughts instead.

It made an awful lot of sense to me, and its something i really hope i can work on and get better with.

So there you have it, ill have a different post for you next week instead of the therapy diary!

Cath x

Superdrug haul, because I needed stuff…honest.

Hey there! so the other day i finally gave in and ordered from superdrug, i was in really bad need of new razor blades, so i finally placed an order and then of course other things fall in my basket! though i was pretty good this time for me to be fair, though then on friday boots do one of those spend £60 get £10 worth of boots points things and i wish i had waited! oh well!

Talking of razors, i did buy my favourite gillette venus spa breeze women’s 4 razor blade refills £11.55 (i got them as 2 for £20). These are hand down my favourite razors, has the built in shaving gel stops my legs from getting extremely dry and itchy!

Continuing with the boring, i also got the dove invisible dry stick anti-perspirant deodorant £3.55, i had for a while now itchy, dry underarms that also had a red rash to them. After asking on a facebook group a lot of people said that mitchum deodorant the one i had used for years had done that to them as well. I had thought about going with a natural deodorant but they are so pricey! so instead i thought i would just try something very simple and see how i go with that.

I ran out of my obsession solid brush shampoo and it was out of stock on the superdrug website so i thought i would try this B. makeup brush shampoo £5.99. I liked the idea of a liquid shampoo this time, ive only used it once so far and i will have a review on it but im not blown away yet!

If you have seen any of my hauls before you would know that i love the garnier ultimate blends hair masks, i picked up the argan one this time however its not currently on the website (guessing it sold out) though i honestly suggest any of the ultimate blends hair masks they all work really well!

Alright, makeup time! so of course i was having a look at the makeup and i noticed that a lot of MUA products were a 20% off so of course i had a look to see if there was anything i wanted!

I picked another 2 of there highlighters, MUA highlighters were all the rage years ago and theres good reason why, i already have a few of them and i picked up 2 more, MUA shimmer highlight powder in twinkling violet and silver wonder £3.00. i can not wait to use these, i used the silver wonder one the day im writing this and i wasnt disappointed, ive wanted a silver highlighter for ages but they never seem to come across like they do in the packaging but this one packs a punch!

On a bit of cheek theme, i picked up there Blushed matte blush powder in rose tea £2.50. Its a muted subtle pink, very up my ally! The final cheek product i bought from MUA was the pixel perfect multi blush in pink blossom £3.00, its very pretty in the pan but i tried it on my cheeks today and apart from the tiniest hint of shimmer it really didnt show up sadly!

Finally, i picked up something ive had my eye on for a while and its the MUA luxe velvet colour enchance lacquer £3.00. Its basically a white liquid lipstick for lightening and highlighting, im really glad to finally have this as honestly have black and white in pretty much every makeup product is a really handy thing to have!

So there you have my superdrug haul! not quite as bank balancing draining as i can be sometimes, but trust me when i say thats not a bad thing! have you picked anything up lately?

Cath x


*Movies That Mean Christmas Time To Me.

Hey There! So today i am very excited to bring to you my first Christmas related post, and even more exciting is that this post is sponsored by Panasonic. All of us tend to watch tv the most during the Christmas period, munching on chocolate and watching a film with the family is part of Christmas for a lot of us! And the likely hood is that a lot of us are watching our movies on a Panasonic tv, and maybe even the new for 2018 Oled Tv panasonic. So it makes perfect sense for me to partner up with them to bring you this list!

For me Christmas is a up and down time of year, having worked with children i know the kind of magic it can have, but having spent as long as i have with anxiety and the like it can make Christmas difficult to enjoy. However, something i have always enjoyed is watching films at Christmas, and you will see they are not always Christmas films really but more films that are feel good and easy to watch. Which personally, ive always found the perfect kind of film for that time of year!

So, I better stop rambling and get to these films right?

1. The Snowman – I couldn’t make a list like this without the snowman now could i? and yes, its classed as a “tv movie” but its a movie so im counting it! The snowman is a classic, about a little boy who builds a snowman on Christmas eve and the snowman comes to life, and fly’s the little boy to the north pole to meet Santa. Its completely silent apart from the beautiful song “walking in the air”, and done in a animated drawn style. Its basically like watching an animated book, its such a beautiful sweet story and its just a classic that has to be watched.

2. The lion King – For me, Disney movies in general are a massive part of Christmas for me. Something that the whole family will happily watch and are the perfect kind of feel good. One that i can remember watching a lot over Christmas is the lion king, a few years ago i fell rather ill on boxing day and i remember being curled up in bed watching the lion king and it just made me feel comforted and thats what its all about really isn’t it? The feel good factor at Christmas time.

3. Happy Feet 2 – I first saw happy feet 2 quite a few years ago on boxing day, it was early in the morning and i came downstairs to find my mum watching it. By the time my dad got up and came downstairs it was the ending and i was crying my eyes out pretty much squeaking at the screen. This movie is a very cute, interesting film that gives a very good message about fighting for what you want and everyone having there own talents.

4. Wallace And Gromit And The Wrong Trousers – Oh Wallace and Gromit! the perfect thing to watch with the whole family and have a good old giggle, now im older im also amazed by the amount of detail that has gone into the films! The wrong trousers, were the bad guy is a penguin with a rubber glove on his head (yes, really) just cant be beat really.

5. Frozen – As i said above, Disney has always been a staple of our Christmas, But frozen ended up meaning more to me than just a Disney movie. I first saw frozen in early June the year after it came out actually, Earlier that day i had gone to the hospital to see my nan, after 2 years of fighting what we knew was terminal cancer she was going down hill, and sadly 6 weeks later she did pass away. Seeing her in hospital for the first time was really tough, and that evening me and my mum curled up on the sofa watching frozen and eating ice cream, frozen was what i needed in that moment, having to process seeing my nan as poorly as she was. I didn’t watch frozen again until that Christmas, when i was sat in the living room just before Christmas dinner frozen in the background and it brought back memories of my nan for me, it was a subtle nod to her on the first Christmas without her and it always reminds me of Christmas and remembering her now.

6. Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone – Of course i put a harry potter film in here! Every year without fail ITV (tv channel in the uk) will replay all the harry potter films over Christmas. To be honest, really all the harry potter films should be here, but i picked The Philosophers Stone because of the scene at Christmas, harry getting Christmas presents for the first time and actually experiencing what a happy Christmas is like is a magical scene. Nothing really says Christmas like the magic a child (and harry is a child at this point) experiences at Christmas.

7. The Muppets A Christmas Carol- A Christmas carol is classic Christmas tale written by Charles dickens, its about scrooge, a mean business man that hates Christmas. On Christmas night he is visited by a series of ghosts that show him the error of his ways. There has been many versions of this story made into film over the years but the muppets is my personal favourite! its a light hearted take on a heavy story that still has the moral of the story, but in a happy feel good manner.

8. Shrek 2 – Shrek 2 is another one of those films that falls under the feel good family films for me! again all the shrek films could go here, but shrek 2 is my personal favourite (i need a hero anyone?) and always makes me smile without fail.

9. Love Actually – If a film could sum up what a chick flick is this is it! If im honest, when i first saw love actually, as a teen i found it too “cringy” and refused to watch it. Its my mums favourite film, so i always ended up seeing bits and pieces and in the end i started watching the whole thing with my mum and loving it! My mum loves this film and i see why, its mostly feel good and happy with a down to earth twist.

10. Toy Story 3 – Last, but by no means least we have toy story 3, again one of those feel good could list all of the series however there is something about the 3rd one for me. That moment when they think its the end for them and they all hold hands really gets me, this film really felt like it was the end of an era and it showed the admittedly odd picture of the toys point of view of a child growing up and away from there childhood. Its a sweet, feel good happy movie that makes people who have grown up with the toy story movies quite emotional…just me?.

So there you have it! my very long list of movies that mean Christmas time to me, thankyou again to panasonic for sponsoring this post and i hope you enjoyed reading, and maybe added a movie or two to your watch list this Christmas!

Cath x

*This is a sponsored post, this in no way effects what i say.

Ive been hinched!

Hey there! so if you are around on social media at all then you would have to be living under a rock to have not heard about Mrs Hinch. Mrs Hinch, real name soph, started out just as a cleaning mad women posting her cleaning tips on instagram and pictures of her beautiful home. Her instagram posts and instagram stories of hinch hauls, clockwise cleaning and hinch half hours suddenly in september sent her from having a few 1000 followers too at the time of writing this at the end of october having 1.1 million followers!

Very quickly, she went from a small account to a massive one, and had companies tripping over themselves to work with her and honestly she deserves every last bit of attention shes getting. Her dancing and singing while cleaning, her naming of all the items she uses makes things fun again.

Ive always helped out with the housework since ive been off work, but over the past 2 years i just havent been able to find the motivation. And as my physical health as gone downhill especially over the past year trying to do housework became really difficult. Meaning that a lot of things slipped, because my mum is the person that does the housework mainly in the house and shes only one person!

When i started watching Mrs Hinch, she made me want to clean straight away and once i was able to get out and buy some bits it began! Now, my job is to keep the main bathroom clean, and of course my room too! i actually look forward to cleaning now, and enjoy making hinch hauls!

Above is the stash i currently have, i havent followed exactly what Mrs Hinch has either because i cant find it or because i tend to like different scents to her! She loves her pine, but im more of a citrus person, as you can see!

Now my little mini narnia is in its box near my door and it really movates me to clean. I picked up some more bits when i got to poundland last week, and the next day i blitzed the bathroom a lot! So, i thought i would show you around my little mini narnia!

Zoflora & spray bottle of Zoflora – i think zoflora has turned into some kind of drug! i only have one right now, citrus fresh but once i can find more that will change! Mrs Hinch is a massive fan of this disinfectant that you dilute with water and so am i! you can use it on pretty much anything, and trust me, you will. its impressive what a different wiping down your desk with zoflora does just for your happiness really! i dont know many people that are not completely obsessed with this stuff.

Sponges – Mrs Hinch is famous for her “minkeh” sponge but its sold out pretty much everywhere! i am a big fan of sponges always have been, and cleaning has just made that a lot worse. I may have also been known to rip or cut sponges as a coping skill!

flash bathroom – Mrs Hinch uses the pourable verison of this stuff and when she used it everything always did look so shiny and clean so i thought i would give it a go and god it really is good! it left my sink etc looking really shiny and everything smelt really good.

cif powder & shine bathroom mouse citrus – oh this is just fun to use honestly! its a spray able mouse you spray over the surface your cleaning leave for 10 minutes and wash off. i used this all over my bath and it really got off all the soap scum etc and lets face it, its just fun!

flash concentrate – this stuff is really handy if your cleaning something that needs an extra little oomf! ive used it to clean out cupboards, bins, window cills anything that hasn’t been cleaned in longer than you would like to admit and needs a helping hand. The pouring system on this is also really clever because it only lets you pour out the perfect amount each time.

Domestos spray bleach – I have a long history of being a little bleach happy, i quite like the smell! because it reminds me of swimming pools and my mum (thats not weird, shes a caretaker). once a week or so i will bleach the toilet and this works really well for that, just make sure nothing you dont want bleached is nearby!

Flash all purpose spray crisp lemons – Now this is basically used for what you use zoflora for, but i still really like it! i switch between this and zoflora a lot, its handy for sure.

Duck toilet cleaner lemon – Ok so its toilet cleaner, its still good! and lemon, obviously.

Flash wipes with febreeze, Mediterranean lemon – I am not the biggest user of wipes, i would rather just use a sponge and zoflora! but sometimes a wipe is just easy to grab in a pinch, and of course there lemon.

Tescos glass and window cleaner – i just picked this up to clean mirrors, ive tried it once and i wasnt super keen but we will see!

So there you have some of my top cleaning picks at the minute! I’m currently looking for a stainless steel cleaner and something to remove a large amount of limescale build up on my shower, any suggestion are very welcome!

Cath x